Current News

    -    Plans to take Australian supporters and youth on short mission trip in December. We will help to finish          and dedicate a new mission community centre in a very poor Orissa village.  Our goal is to reach                    $20000 by August.  We need $6000 to start the project. We also want to find options for helping              families here start some business or farming. We need micro enterprise support and ideas such as fish            farming, better farm practices and sewing /tailoring

    -    Urgent need for a bore well at the boarding school. Currently we are bringing in water by truck and              this is very expensive. A bore well costs around $3000.

    -    Christmas dinner fundraising night, held at Ermington Baptist Church (Riverside) on December 1st, was          very successful. Thankyou to our supporters for raising $2 300 including generous donation of two              sewing machines (sewing school), one bicycle (pastor) and a HUGE $1 000 for beds for our boarding            school.

    -    Three boarding school student are in need of a monthly donor at $30 per month.



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Transformation (or as they say in India “parivarthana”) Ministry is a non-profit organization. We focus on rural communities in India where people have great financial, social and spiritual need. In India people come from mainly a Hindu background. India has of Population of 1.155 billion people and only 2.5% are Christians.

We are currently working with 22 pastors of rural churches in 7 states (Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orrisa, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Transformation Ministries considers the whole person endeavoring to cater for the physical as well as a person’s spiritual needs; we assist with health, schooling, financial and Christian ministries.
People are being baptized, healed from diseases from alcohol and drug addiction bringing peace to families and communities.

We conduct free medical camps in rural communities. We have a Sewing training centre for girls; these are young ladies hoping to be employed in garment factories; some of them receiving free sewing machines from the government and then are self employed.
For young boys we have a carpentry training center; once they are trained they are self employed. To assist children with their school work we give each child a set of books. We have children in foster care and we have day care center too.